John Lindsey

Financial Advisor


After providing individual investors, retirees and small business owners with sound financial planning and investment advice for more than two decades, and because John is a partner in an independent registered investment advisor, he has been able to create the type of complete investment program that you undoubtedly desire. This program allows him to do business in a very different way than the vast majority of his competitors ... and you're probably going to like it.

The investment strategies he employs were developed by some of the top minds on Wall Street and have historically generated the kinds of returns you desire but have likely found elusive.

John's responsive service program is completely oriented around managing your account ... Never to just sell you something! Furthermore, he'll always do what is your best interest.

You'll enjoy a low cost, very competitive, quarterly, asset-based fee structure and you'll never incur front-end commissions or surrender penalties. By design, this fee structure will also create an automatic bond of trust between you and John because you know that his compensation is tied directly to your investment success. Matter-of-fact, the only way John can get a raise is to grow your account ... And isn't that exactly what you hired him to do in the first place?