John Lindsey

Financial Advisor

After three decades in the business, John serves as both a partner within the Firm and as a personal Financial Advisor to his clients. His extensive “hands-on” real-world brokerage experience, coupled with the freedom afforded him by conducting business through an independent Registered Investment Advisor, has afforded him the opportunity to create the kind of customizable, full-service, client focused investment program that investors generally seek but often fail to find with other advisors and other brokerage programs.

John’s investment program rests upon the following three robust pillars:

  1. Service: Create a personalized, service-oriented investment relationship anchored by sound financial planning and prudent investment advice.
  1. Tactics: Ensure that clients have access to a full range of investment strategies that can appropriately meet their financial objectives, needs and risk-tolerance. The goal is to offer a broad selection of specific investment strategy choices that most clients would deem reasonable, rational, attractive and compelling.

And perhaps the most important differentiating pillar …

  1. Price: Offer a competitively priced, asset-based fee structure that avoids up-front commissions and back-end surrender charges. Instead, John utilizes a formula whereby an agreed upon fixed advisory fee percentage is assessed against each client’s actual ending account value each quarter. Thus, John’s compensation is tied directly to his clients’ investment success. This methodology was specifically adopted to provide each client with the comfort that comes from knowing that John’s interests will always be perfectly aligned with theirs. An immediate bond of trust is created because clients know that John is paid to “manage” their account and NOT to simply “sell” them something in order to earn a commission. This is an important distinction.

Matter-of-fact, the only way that John can get a “raise” is to grow your account balance … And isn’t that exactly why you hired him in the first place?